Canadian Country music / Folk music recording artist Lynda Dobbin Turner
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Singer - Songwriter - Composer - Lynda Dobbin Turner

Welcome to the website of Canadian Country and Folk Music Singer, Songwriter and Music Composer Lynda Dobbin Turner. (Lavenham, Manitoba)

Lynda brings the experiences of a challenging lifetime to the musical stage with her unique series of well written folk and country music songs that are sure to touch you and leave you laughing, crying, loving, and thinking just a little bit harder!

Lynda's unique song-writing style transcends the traditional boundaries between Country and Folk music. Her "sex in the city" perspective adds complimenting appeal to those lying, cheating, hurting country music songs and her music provides the audience with a frank, entertaining and refreshing examination of life, of death, and of pretty much everything in between.

Lynda Dobbin Turner: a rising star worth watching in both the Canadian Country Music Industry.

  Folk Musician Lynda Dobbin Turner and her son
Canadian Country Music writer  -Singer -Songwriter -Composer
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